GAFE Summit 2017

GAFE Summit Schedule

Redefining the Math Classroom with  @watnunu

Sandra's resources

Love these math games! (like Kahoot but self-paced)
Vimy Ridge on trends what about Pokemon?
Check out Google Public Data

Problem solving using Google Slides (think about all the possibilities with tables!)

Interlude ... because sometimes you just need a laugh! Thanks to Holly Clark

The Right Question with Holly Clark

READ: A More Beautiful Question / Make Just One Change

"Fall to your knees moment" ... next blog post ...

Groups of 3 - most effective groupings.

The right questions shared doc (consider needs of extraverts and introverts)

The best question focus:
Diving Deeper - Question Focus

Derek Tangredi Slide Deck

Morning Spark Sessions

Shouldn't the school system be adapting to the life of students?
Changing teacher practice is the hardest thing teachers do.
You can't reflect if you don't try new things. It doesn't have to be perfect!

What is student engagement?
- challenge
- time flies
- social
- creative
- accomplishment (way different than sense of done)

Generation Z are our first digital natives.
They want school to come to them in bite size chunks.
THEY KNOW the magic happens outside their comfort zone.

We have to stop being the comfortable experts and become restless learners - Holly Clark

Critical Thinking and the Web - Holly Clark
The New Digital Divide
- Those who know how to think about search and those who don't.
- Those who know how to validate information and those who don't.
- Those who know how to get information to travel to them and those who don't.

Our students need to be TRANSLITERATE ~ Not just reading and writing.

I'm NOT a good searcher ... and it is very likely that my students aren't either.

300,000 - 500,000 is a good number of results.

Search Tricks

Hacking the New Google Site - Chris Webb

Supporting Student (& Staff) wellness - Heidi Mannhardt

Board Game Cafe with Sandra

#crowdsourceedu by Crystal Hoe


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