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Celebrate Monday

Every year on Labour Day weekend I run to my favourite little alcove along the beach that is filled with the most wonderful rocks of all shapes, sizes, and colours. I collect a jar of my favourites for the first day of school. Each student selects a rock, writes their name on it, and says a little something about why they picked the rock they did. Each rock is placed in a glass container on our prayer table to show our uniqueness.

Last year, a student said something during this activity that I will always remember (Thanks A!). She said:
"Each rock glitters in its own way. Sometimes you have to pick them up and take a closer look to see their beauty."

Isn't this the most relevant reminder for the starting of a new school year?  Each student comes to us with their own lived experiences, perceptions, hopes, and fears. All of these things, and so many more, impact their interactions in the classroom and school community. As educators, building relationships with our students…