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5 Best Things I Have Done This Year

Inspired by a recent tweet and blog post by +Jonathan So .
Doing some reflecting before tonights #peel21st blog hop: — Jonathan So (@MrSoclassroom) November 17, 2015

This year has marked many first for me, as I have moved from teaching mostly in the primary division to intermediate. With this change, has come tremendous personal growth. Every day is a new adventure! My students have come to recognize this as well - to expect the unexpected! Just last week we engaged in lip sync battles, created our own games in scratch, learned about the importance of giving credit to authors in digital and print texts, and debated the use of the carrot vs stick approach in history (with props). I will admit that the sheer amount of content to be covered overwhelms me at times, but I remind myself that substance and deep learning far outweighs "covering" …