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LEARNING FOR LIFE ... less constraints, more choice?

It's a snow/ice day so I thought I'd take this opportunity to blog a little. With my 2016 resolution to read more, I find I have been writing less...

In my recent Twitter Feed I came across this video from @HuffPostEdu
The Future Project Asks NYC Students What They Really Think of...
These students brilliantly explain to The Future Project what's wrong with the school system.
Posted by HuffPost Education on Monday, March 21, 2016
In it, students are asked what they think about the current model of school and what might a future school look like. Their responses are illuminating. A few thoughts/questions that stuck with me ...

What does it look like when students are learning for life?
How and why are we losing students in our current model?

I have come face to face with these questions this year. Finding the balance between giving choice and flexibility in learning and being accountable to the vast curriculum has been a struggle at times.

I have tried to negotiate this with th…

Chromebooks in the Classroom: Enter the KW Record!

To day we had quite the experience in Room 207 - a reporter and a photographer from the KW Record came to visit our classroom to learn about how we use Chromebooks. I was delighted when asked by senior admin to be a part of this article. I am proud to showcase the amazing learning taking place by so many students within WCDSB, and knew it would be a positive experience for the students and a way to connect beyond the walls of our classroom. I am making a conscious effort to check my own insecurities (the little voice that says Why me?) and think Why NOT me? and more importantly Why NOT my students? Saying YES to these experiences and opportunities might be a little uncomfortable, but it is when in these states that growth happens! I need to be reminded of this not just for myself, but also for my students.

Before he arrived, I wanted the students to have a chance to reflect, so quite simply I asked ...
"In what ways do we use Chromebooks to support our learning?" 

I was quite …