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In our session today, +Michelle Booth and I shared our learning journeys using digital tools (D2L ePortfolio and Blogger) to create professional portfolios. We examined portfolios as reflection-in-action (on going) and reflection-on-action (showcasing).  It is not a one or other thing - I personally use blog feeds to curate, capture, and reflect and pages within Blogger for portfolio building. The image to the right is a live shot taken while presenting as a way to demonstrate the ease of adding artifacts. Check out our Slide Deck below:

After our session I went to the Learning Space area to talk about Periscope in the classroom - an app that allows for real-time broadcasting and social sharing. The discussion was vibrant and thought-provoking. My biggest 'ah-ha' was the need for digital citizenship to be embedded within decision making in the classroom as it happens. Discussions of the pros and cons of apps and digital tools are necessary for students to become thoughtful an…