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Reflections on Collaborative Inquiry

This school year I was invited to participate in the EPCI (Early Primary Collaborative Inquiry) working group along with two of my teaching partners. Earlier today I attended the regional face-to-face with other members of our board's learning team. We had the opportunity to engage in rich discussions with other educators from around our region, share our learning, challenge each other, and think about building capacity moving forward. 

Here are some of the pivotal learning moments from our collaborative inquiry:

Student learning is improved when: - teachers reflect upon questioning and feedback/wait time (sometimes unnecessary feedback/prompting stops student thinking short) - student are engaged in rich learning tasks (low-floor/high ceiling tasks) - learning is connected and and embedded in a meaningful context (real world connections, vocabulary use across strands/subject areas) - students become a part of pedagogical documentation and revisit documentation to address misconceptions…