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Algebra, Worms, and an Open Mind

- Empathy, Kindness, & Learning in a Connected World - 
I have to start with being totally honest - the most incredible learning opportunity that I am about to describe occurred out of sheer coincidence and an open mind. It was not pre-planned or anticipated (quite the opposite in fact).

Colliding Facts: - On Twitter a few weeks ago I came across a math video for teaching students about collecting like terms in algebra that was rather 'on point' (as my students would say) by an Aussie educator named  @JoelBSperanza. We have watched a few of his instructional videos since, as his manner of getting at the big mathematical ideas resonates with us (plus he has an awesome accent)! 
- After a hectic lunch hour helping with a popcorn fundraiser, I realized I had not added the math extension problem for the afternoon on our slide deck (or even selected it for that matter). I chose the problem in haste based on the fact it required an organized solution, linked with patterning, and…