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New Years Resolutions 2016

A big thank you to +Sylvia Duckworth for her inspiring infographic!
New #sketchnote: Some New Year's #Resolutions to Think About #edchat#edtech cc — Sylvia Duckworth (@sylviaduckworth) December 30, 20152 things you do well and will continue to do:
-  Connecting with other educators both face-to-face and digitally has become a fundamental part of my self-directed PD and is something I have come to value deeply. I feel I am in a constant state of improvement as an educator because of all the others who propel me forward. Just last month I spent an evening at the new Google office in Kitchener connecting with other passionate educators. I was inspired! We talked about Fed Ex days, use of inquiry in math throughout all grade levels, the need to facilitate the type of learning that will be relevant for students in their lifetime (this is so unpredictable)! We played with coding programs, we were enamored by the physical space and ho…