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A Thoughtful Note (on Building Thinking Classrooms)

This past week I attended a PD session facilitated by Peter Liljedahlentitled Building Thinking Classrooms.
Two things I noticed right away:
1) No mention of the word mathematics in the title. It's about the thinking.
2) Participants were tossed into the role of learners. It's about the students.
(We were thinking about mathematics but the thinking proceeded the math)

During his consolidation piece, Peter Liljedahl discussed the role of note taking and suggested that perhaps we encourage students to write notes entitled "A letter to my future dumber self" (or otherwise known as thoughtful notes).

So here it goes...
A letter to my future dumber self,

It wasn't too long ago that you saw the acronym #VNPS and thought really?, isn't that just a whiteboard? A gentle reminder to dig deeper before forming an opinion. Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces represent a shift in the learning environment that directly impacts the student experience. The name means something becau…