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Fall to your Knees with Deep Learning

At her session called The Right Question at the Ontario GAFE summit,Holly Clark spoke of those 'fall to your knees' moments as educators when something goes so absolutely right, when the learning is so tangible, that you feel like falling to your knees in pure bliss and gratitude for what you are a part of.

I have learned through my experimentation with varied pedagogical approaches and adoption of new technologies, that these moments are to be treasured and are what fuels passionate educators to continue with their pursuits to innovate and inspire. For each 'fall to your knees' moment there are also moments of failure that serve to 'reflect and refine' practice. Both moments equally as important and rich with learning for students and educators.

I had a 'fall to my knees' moment witnessing my Grade 7 students so enthralled with their heat design projects that time stood still and it seemed as though I was in some amazing innovation incubator somewhere…

GAFE Summit 2017

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@rushtonh inspires us to think about what would be ridiculously cool at our schools and figure out how. — Jessica Weber (@missjessweber) April 8, 2017
@rushtonh shares this inspiring story. It's about connecting, creating, and caring. #ONsummit — Jessica Weber (@missjessweber) April 8, 2017 Video link for Dads and Dudes: — Jonathan So (@MrSoclassroom) April 8, 2017
Redefining the Math Classroom with  @watnunu

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