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Junction Point

Change has been a central tenet in my life over the past few months. I have come to embrace it, appreciate the subtle ways change alters our thinking, our perceptions, our hopes, our motivations. In my personal experience, the process of change is easy compared to the strife of deciding to actually make the change. This has been true personally and professionally. For all of those wonderful people in my life who have been there with a listening ear, I thank you!

The decision to change divisions has been something I have been contemplating since last September. As I worked away on my Masters of Education, I benefited from linking theory with practice in a grade level I was comfortable with. I was able to integrate changing pedagogical beliefs into my practice because of my familiarity with the content and developmental level of the students. I now feel I am ready to apply what I have learned to another realm. My practice as a primary educator has evolved over the course of a decade. I…