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GAFE Summit 2016 ... My Notes


Jaime Casap
- education disrupts poverty
- proximity to books as indicator
- the world at your fingertips

Why is learning different today?
- We know a lot about what makes good learning ... it's scale that's the problem
- Technology has wrapped itself around the core of our lives
Therefore, How kids think about learning is different than the way we think about learning. We need to adapt!
- What are the critical skills that kids need to have?
Problem Solving, Team-work, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Not what do you want to be when you grow up, but what problems to do you want to solve?

Iteration - don't teach success and failure BUT iteration (No end point)

There is a comfort in collaboration. My part is the part of a greater sum.
If not at school, then where??

Converting information into intelligence ...

What we need is consistent iteration and innovation. There is no end point!

Session 1:
Creating Innovative Learning Spaces
Erika Armstrong
- Provokin…