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Habitats for Learning

This Labour Day weekend two events transpired which have precipitated this post:

1. My five year old nephew and I visited a pond together
2. I had a visit from an educator whom I admire greatly who encouraged me to share my voice more often

So here I am ... on the eve before a new school year ... sharing a rather cheesy analogy that popped into my head while playing at the pond with my nephew.

First the story of the pond.

My nephew Ben and I went on a wee adventure to a pond close to our family cottage on Lake Huron. We spotted a snapping turtle sitting on a log and he asked, "Why does he live here"? What's better than a curious five year old? Words cannot express my childlike happiness. My primary teacher instincts immediately kicked in and we got into a discussion about what we noticed about the pond - Lots of space, green stuff on the surface of the water that maybe he could eat, sunshine, a nice big log to sit on, not many people around bugging it, etc. I later replie…