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On the Rise K-12 eLearning Conference

In her opening keynote address, Jessica Holmes (@happyfeetholmes) entertained, dazzled, and inspired. Woven through her comic performance were thought-provoking anecdotes from her own life that reach all of us. She asks us to question:
Is there an area in my life where I should be focusing more attention and energy?  
Finding balance is something that I think we can all relate to. Each of us has our own unique way in dealing with stress. For me, getting outside and enjoying a trail run or spending time in the garden helps me to gain perspective. I need to remind myself to make the time for these activities, schedule them in, to maintain balance. I think this was a wonderful way to kick-off the day as technology allows us to connect and create in amazing new ways, but we must also make time for other aspects in our lives that bring us joy,

Jessica Holmes reminds us that: Everyone is someone's child.  We are all born with potential for unconditional love.  Recogniz…

Getting Googly - EdTechTeam Ontario Summit: Day 2

Here we go ... Day 2 at GAFE Summit!

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Day one left me feeling humble, inspired, connected, and, to be honest, mentally overloaded! Humbled by the many educators with the courage to share their stories. Inspired by new tips and tricks to help me 'get my geek on'. Connected with a greater community of edtech educators both f2f and through social media. Mentally overloaded due to the sheer quality and quantity of new information presented. 

Keynote: Follow Google's formula for innovation with #20time in the classroom
+Kevin Brookhouser

Wicked problems.
Take a minute and close your eyes. Picture images of wicked problems in our local and global communities.
We can create an environment in our classroom where students see themselves as problem solvers. Allow students to grapple with wicked problems relevant and contextually important to their lives.

Why do students love video games?