WCDSB GAFE Symposium

Sharing my experiences integrating technology in the classroom is something I have become passionate about. I was delighted when asked to be a part of the very first WCDSB GAFE Summit at Resurrection High School. I was slightly concerned at first - how would my experiences in primary relate to those in the High School setting? What has occurred to me is good pedagogy is good pedagogy! Creating dynamic learning spaces where students are engaged and empowered translates to all grade levels.

+Rolland Chidiac-WCDSB and I teamed up to prepare a presentation which we entitled GAFE-volution to encapsulate our learning journeys. We created our slide deck solely through sharing and Google Hangouts. We were able to connect and plan using GAFE tools without having to meet in person. As much as I enjoy meeting up with Rolland, because of time constraints, using Hangouts facilitated the planning process for us.

Here is what we created:

We used this video by Veritasium as a minds on activity to think about whether current technology integration is a revolution or evolution. 

“We are not limited by the experiences we can give to students. What limits learning is what can happen inside the students’ head. That is where the important part of learning takes place.” ~ Veritasium

Afterwards we used a shared doc for participants to reflect. Here is a screenshot of our collaborative thinking. 

During our presentation, to model the use of Google Hangouts, we connected with my Grade 2 class. They explained how they use technology to help with their learning. I was very proud to listen to my students' ideas and thinking about technology. It was obvious from their comments that purposeful tech integration instills a sense of empowerment and pride in learning. 
Having the opportunity to connect and reflect with Rolland about the tools we use with our students (& why we use them), and later share our reflections and experiences with other educators was affirming. Just as we build in opportunities for students to share their voices, we need to do the same with fellow educators. Experiences like today build capacity, connections, and stimulate further growth.

Links to other slide decks from today and greatest 'ah-ha's:

Pear Deck for quick assessments and student engagement.

Forms and Sheets ADD-ONS to build efficiency. My Next Step: autocrat
Fabulous Forms Slide Deck

+Suzanne Smart
Suzanne reminded us that sometimes 'jumping in' to the unknown and trying something new WITH our students can be very powerful. During her presentation we participated in a live Hangout with an educator from Texas she has connected with. Suzanne's enthusiasm as she shared her experience was infectious for all of us. You don't have to be the expert - you just have to be willing to try.
Collaborative Hangouts


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