Developing the Organization to Support Desired Practices

"Transformational leaders who collectively develop and share a clear vision may boost followers' innovativeness by serving as role models in the development and implementation of innovations, clarifying challenges for the school's future and the importance of developing new knowledge and practice, pointing out opportunities for school improvement through innovation, and motivating team members by envisioning an attractive future for the school." (Moolenear et al., 2010, p. 629)

"Thus, a good shepherd leader is committed to creating a safe environment where good feedback is encouraged and rewarded, and such a leader recognizes that this is work that one person cannot do alone". (Phelps, 2009, p. 113) 

Leadership Practices:
Building collaborative cultures and distributing leadership
Structuring the organization to facilitate collaboration
Building productive relationships with families and the community
Connecting the school to the wider environment
Maintaining a safe and healthy environment
Allocating resources in support of the school's vision and goals

Teaching and Travel Experience in China 

Reflection: The opportunity to teach and travel in China has very much changed my worldview and appreciation for international education in Ontario. The development of global citizenship and competencies is an essential part of preparing students for the complexities and intricacies of the global world. 
Reflection on Teaching and Travel in China blog post

In PQP Part 3, I facilitated a seminar on this topic to further my understanding of Ontario's Strategy for K-12 International Education and promote its importance to future administrators.

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

Attended NPDL training sessions, collaborated with colleagues from WCDSB, and facilitated learning with divisional partners. Overarching goal to provide framework and strategies to support professional development in regards to technology in the service of deep learning within WCDSB PKE working group and 21st Century Steering Committee. 

WCDSB Professional Knowledge Exchange / Education Innovation ​

* Primary Professional Knowledge Exchange link
* Education Innovation Link

Shared best practice and collaborated with educators from WCDSB in the development of resources and supports for technology integration and innovation.

Reflections on Collaborative Inquiry

In 2014, I had the opportunity to be a part of the EPCI (Early Primary Collaborative Inquiry) WCDSB working group. Throughout this process, we engaged in critical and purposeful shared reflection driven by the desire to improve student learning. Mutual trust and maintaining a growth mindset were essential in shaping a truly collaborative experience. 

Artifact: Conference and Symposium Experiences

MISA Blended Learning Conference 2014
- Notes: Reflection and Next Steps 

Please see reflections based on my experiences attending the GAFE Summit:
GAFE Summit 2015 Day 1

GAFE Summit 2015 Day 2

Connecting with educators beyond our board and sharing best practice based on these interactions has been a significant aspect of my journey as a leader. This show evidence of developing and maintaining connections with other expert school and board leaders, policy experts and members of the educational research community.

D2L for Parent Engagement

I place great value in building trusting and open relationships with parents. Demonstrating care, empathy, and consideration for each student and expressing this to families through ongoing communication is vital. Using D2L to share our learning journey and providing home connections through this virtual environment, bridges that gap between home and school and creates conditions for student learning to extend beyond the classroom.

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