Improving the Instructional Program

"The more crucial role of the principal is as head learner, engaging in the most important enterprise of the schoolhouse-experiencing, displaying, modeling, and celebrating what it is hoped and expected that teachers and students will do." (Sergiovanni, 1996, p.126)

Leadership Practices:
Staffing the instructional program
Providing instructional support
Monitoring progress in student learning and school improvement
Buffering staff from distractions to their work

Spiral Math Professional Development ​

Collaborating with divisional partners as well as numeracy consultant to develop instructional programming around mathematical big ideas and key competencies at the intermediate level.
Please click here for my personal reflection on this learning journey.

WCDSB Pyramid of Intervention Resource Development (Elementary)

Assisting with the development and dissemination of the tiered approach to intervention for elementary educators within the WCDSB. This includes identifying universal strategies, tiered interventions, and transformational interventions for academic and non-academic student needs, and well as curating essential resources.

Artifact: The following blog posts focus on assessment for, of, and as learning. 

* Google forms: Assessment for Learning

I have come to understand the immense value in using formative assessment to feed forward student learning. Documenting the process of learning, and using multiple sources of evidence, helps to identify strengths and next steps for all students. Data allows educators to make informed decisions in order to support student learning. Using digital tools such as Google Forms brings efficiency to this process. Providing opportunities for students to engage in peer feedback that is kind, specific, and helpful helps students to set personal goals. 


Please click on the image on the right for an interactive Padlet board entitled Rethinking Assessment. It contains research, videos, and blog entries that reflect my evolving thinking in the area of assessment. This Padlet board was created for a Master Class and was disseminated to M.Ed. cohort members.

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