Securing Accountability

"Practicing leadership as pedagogy asks a great deal of leaders and followers alike. It calls both to higher levels of commitment. It calls both to higher levels of goodness. It calls both to higher levels of effort. And it calls both to higher levels of accountability." (Sergiovanni, 1996)

"Ultimately, leaders are accountable to and for the vision of the group they are leading"
(Phelps, 2009)

Leadership Practices:
Building staff members' sense of internal accountability
Meeting the demands for external accountability

Digital Progress Evaluation 

As part of the Professional Knowledge Exchange working group, we are assessing digital learning progress within our district and providing recommendations based on evidence to support BIPSA and MYSP

Active School Improvement Team Member 

Our School Improvement Plan was developed through collaborative analysis of data. We revisited recommendations from our District Support Report (2014) to help inform our goal setting. Our problem of practice and theory of action statements allowed our team to elicit thinking and provide next steps for the staff. 
Our action plans incorporated specific examples of classroom strategies for success (task, feedback, criteria, differentiation, moderation).

* Annual Learning Plan

I have embraced the ALP as a living document and strive to make connections between personal, school, and ministry goals. I have participated actively in my performance appraisal and made adjustments based on recommendations.

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