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Day 11 & Beyond: Reflection on Leadership and Innovation

My final task in the CPCO PQP 10 day challenge is to create a post summarizing my thoughts on what it means to be a digital leader. This happens to coincide with my participation at the MISA Innovation conference today in London. Rather serendipitous!

In one of the open spaces, discussion centered around teacher/administration buy-in. How do we move the system forward? A key concept we kept coming back to was the idea of partnerships.

- Partnerships between administrators and teachers where risk is embraced. This relies heavily on trust and both individuals taking a co-learning stance. It's about asking the 'What if...' and 'How might ...' questions.
- Partnerships between teachers perhaps through demonstration classrooms or informal mentorship opportunities.
- Partnerships between administrators, teachers, and students (learning with and from each other).

Building these partnerships requires time and the alignment of resources with priorities. Changing the culture…